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Grade 9 practice investigation

June 10, 2018

Notice, Wonder….

Dans les groupes nous allons poser les bonnes questions de mathématiques, et nous allons demander pour de l’information necessaire pour les resoudre.

Nous allons poser les questions de chaque section de notre curriculum: la numération et algèbre, la géométrie, les relations, et la géométrie analytique.

Pour notre investigation, le deuxième jour, vous allez recevoir de l’information que vous voulez, et vous allez individuellement resoudre les problèmes que vous avez crées. 


How tall’s the school?

May 31, 2018

We are using mirrors to determine the height of the school.  Using the law of reflection we can create 2 similar triangles.  One between the heigt of the school, and the length of the ground between the school and the mirror.

And one involving the height to the observer’s eyes, and the distance from the observer’s feet to the mirror.  

We can determine the proportionality constant and calculate the height of the school!

Using shadows to determine heights

May 30, 2018

We used a meter stick as a reference, and measured the lenght of its shadow.  

We can now measure shadows and determine the heights of the tall objects.

We can do this and make similar triangles because the sun is at the same spot in the sky when we take all these measurements.

Grade 10 homework

May 10, 2018

Motor building

May 9, 2018

In Physics we are starting electricity and magnetism, and as a part of that we are building motors.

Some groups got right to work today at lunch.

Reviewing for our test

May 8, 2018

Tomorrow is a test day for grade 9s.  Today we spent time working in groups to review material and get ready.

We did some “speed dating” style review for graphing lines and calculating slopes.

We worked on solving some word problems using multiple strategies.

And represented growing patterns using tables and graphs and equations.

We also had 3 teachers from Molly Brant Elemetary school with us, and a school board consultant, the math department head and student success teacher in the room.  We shared with everyone how we are using our strategies to solve problems.  Good job today!

desmos with angry birds

May 2, 2018

click on each image to open a desmos graph.  You will notice that the slingshot is located on the x axis at -6, so all your graphs must go through that point.  You need to create an equation for a parabola that will get the bird successfully to each of the pigs.


Here’s another to try:  This time try to determine the equation of the bird in flight, and decide if it will hit any of the monkeys.  Create parabolas that will land the bird at each of the monkeys.

angry birds 2